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Passport and Visa’s

  • Most countries require a visa to visit. Your travel agent will tell you if a visa is required for the specific country and help you apply. You can also apply online with countries accepting an e-visa.

To find out which countries require a visa. 

To apply for E-visa

Ensure your passport is up to date -

  • Most countries require at least 6 months remaining on your passport expiry date. Some countries visa’s take up a full page in your passport so ensure you have adequate pages.

Vaccinations and preventative medicines -

Whether you are visiting a hot or cold country -

  • You may need protection from the elements and other pharmaceuticals to protect you from things such as dehydrating, sunburn, frostbite, etc. Check out our Clothing and Pharmaceutical sections in links above.

When you arrive at your destination-

  • We advise you to find out and record the telephone numbers of your Embassy, Medical emergencies, and police. Keep a business card of the hotel or guesthouse with you at all time.

If renting vehicles-

  • Observe the traffic laws and licenses you require, bear in mind that some countries don’t accept International driving licenses.